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Our designs are not just about looking good, but feeling good while passing a message that can help the world through positivity and uncommon information.

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Edutainment Apparel

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Our popular Herbs & Remedies Shirts are now available in our premium larger print! 

Our Happy Customers!

I'm absolutely thrilled with my angel numbers t shirt. As someone who believes in the power of universal guidance and syncronicities, this shirt holds a special meaning for me. I was a little worried about the 3-5 day shipping but it came fast! I've received so many glances and inquiries about the angel number "111" allowing me to share my belief on the positive influence of angel numbers. I love wearing it, knowing that it serves as a personal reminder of the universes presence and support in my life.
Sara J.
The ginger and ashwagandha t shirts are a perfect addition to my wardrobe! The fabric is soft and comfortable, and fits just right. I'm a huge fan of natural remedies and their benefits. I'm really happy with my purchase and will definitely be buying more from this brand.
Kendrick T.
I couldn't resist getting the "Mind Your Owned Business" t shirt and it's been a hit everywhere I go! The brain sort of creeped me out but intrigued me, but I really liked it once I saw it in person. I really wish they had more colors available. The shirts clever and straightforward message not only makes people smile but also serves as a friendly reminder for those nosey individuals out there! I'll probably wear it as a statement piece whenever I need to send a subtle message.
Jillian S.
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